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Who We Are

HOPE homeschool co-operative was formed in 2005 for the purpose of providing rigorous, college prep high school courses in a small group tutoring situation.  The day to day operations are overseen by a steering committee. We are thrilled and pleased to offer a wide range of courses taught by a talented and experienced group of tutors to assist you in your home schooling efforts.

Our Mission

To bring homeschooling families and qualified tutors together in small group tutoring situations for the purpose of rigorous, college prep high school courses.

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Our Vision

We believe that home schooling is a valid method of educating our children, offering many advantages including individualized instruction, one-on-one teaching, character training, mentoring, and closer family relationships. However, there are classes that benefit from a group setting and group interaction or that require specially trained tutors, especially for students preparing for college. 

This co-op was not conceived as, nor intended to be, a school or a replacement for home schooling, but is meant to be an enhancement to each family’s home education program. To this end, we envision a venue where parents can choose from a variety of educational opportunities to augment their own teaching efforts. A family may choose one class for their student(s) or several, as best fits their needs.

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